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Jun 18, 2012 / 2 notes

How to capture puppies with your iphone. 

When I taught a class on iphone storytelling at Apple, I used this series of photos to talk about patience and practice. Why? Because puppies are cute and this little guy can keep your attention.  

My all time favorite quote on my work comes from my cousin Greg: “Melissa, how come when I take a photo it just looks like a photo, but when you take one it looks like god made it?” My reply: “practice an patience” (Thanks Greg for the material.) 

This is only a few photos in a series of 12 that it took to get the featured shot: cute puppy with perfect big eyes. This is Leroy. Leroy never stops moving. I sat for about 20 minutes working this shot. I started above the dog, worked my way down to his level and waited for that perfect moment. The story with any subject be it human or animal is in the eyes. I look for that moment of connection. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.

I got lucky with Leroy. 

I shoot over 3,000 photos per month on my iphone. It’s no secret the phone makes an amazing camera. The real secret is that out of my 3,000 photos I only show you about 50 per month. The real art is in patience, practice and editing. I only show you the shots that pay off. I can teach you a technique but without the hard earned practice time, don’t expect to become a master. Instagram does not make everything “instagood”. It’s the person with the vision behind the camera that makes it good. 

So get in there and practice, practice, practice. The tool is so easy to use, you have no excuse anymore.