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Mar 29, 2012

Dina and Kent PT. 2 

(This is part 2, scroll down to see part 1- these are stills of my footage of their wedding.)

Love the cocktail cameo from couple whose wedding I filmed a few years ago, Katie and Raymond, still cute as ever. My absolute favorite moment of the night was the final interview with Dina and Kent (it’s the black and white photo of them on the couch). I feel so honored to have been able to capture them being so open and vulnerable about their love for each other. Thanks to the both of you- can not wait for you to see the final product. 

Wedding team

Location: Salvage One

Photo: Brian Carey- fig weddings

Film: (me) Melissa Martens - fig weddings

DJ: Joe Nardi

Catering: J + L (Scott- please tell me I can have the recipe for the veggies. So Amazing.) 

Flowers: A Stem Above.  

Mar 29, 2012

Dina and Kent PT. 1

Meet Dina + Kent. My first couple in fig weddings 2012 season. They met through work and went out to get a drink one night. The first date: to see Twilight. Dina joked in our final meeting that if Kent could have survived that… he was a keeper. Dina and Kent booked photo and video with fig, and I was so happy to be assigned as their filmmaker. 

(To see a preview of Brian Carey’s photos- you have to go to facebook. They are amazing.) 

I LOVED their wedding. It was emotional, funny, heartfelt and a blast. fig is still editing the footage and I could not wait to share even a little bit. Here are some screen stills from my footage- a few of my favorite moments. Part 1.