Thirty Days of 30: Lesson #22
Don’t just work harder. Work Smarter.

This is a Big one with a capitol B. As a work in progress lesson that has taken most of my twenties to learn and I know I will continue to learn as I go. The caveat to this is I still have to work hard and pair that with working smarter. 

My hard working blue collar education taught me that if I just kept working harder, it would pay off. Which I still feel, is very true. I roll my eyes when I see people complain about having to put in a hard days work. Truth is, I love a hard days work. I feel like I have accomplished something and this skill has served me well for the long nights and hours I needed to put in. Sometimes it isn’t about hours and grunt work. 

It’s about working smarter. Knowing my limits, stopping at the right times. Knowing when to say no so that I can say yes to something even better. Making sure that my quality of life serves my work life and not the other way around. I still work just as hard and now I pair that with playing just as hard. A lesson that only time and experience can teach.